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City Notify is in a class by itself and built upon K12 Alerts the most trusted messaging service originally developed for School Safety and Parent Emergency Notifications and first launched in 2002. Our technology is Patent Pending.

Disaster Management Plans.  Detailed plans are now mandated features of government at all levels.  City Notify helps your organization to rapidly send coordinated communications, relieving key personnel from time-consuming work by automating processes.  This enables your staff to focus on important crisis management tasks.

Triple Play Alerts

Telephone Alerts

• Voice alerts can be sent automatically and within minutes from any telephone or the Web with a secure Identification and Pin number.

Email Alerts

• City notices and newsletters can be sent to all residents immediately using one of our many
easy-to-use email templates.

• Emails can be used to replace or enhance the City’s Parks and Recreation brochures, recycling calendar, tax payment reminders, etc.

Text-to-Cell Messaging

• Text-to-Cell unlimited messaging is another method of reaching constituents in an emergency or during a storm.

• Store messaging templates in your library for instant or repeat use.

Collecting Contact Information

My Account Portals

• Residents, Businesses and Employees.

• Allows for comprehensive and up-to-date data collection of email, Text-to-Cell and phone numbers for household/residents, business owners, and municipal employees.

Emergency Contact Numbers

• City Notify loads initial resident and business phone numbers to get you up and operational quickly.

• You supply your employee information and we do the rest by loading it into the City Notify system complete with address verification.

Additional Features

Mapping System

• Target notifications to specific businesses and in specific locations.

• CityNotify™ ‘s mass notification system enables government officials to issue evacuation notices, emergency instructions, and other messages to businesses and residents in aspecific geographical area.


• Improve Situational Awareness

• Interactive, real-time polling/surveys enable a government administrator to conduct a poll/survey to community residents or businesses in an area.

Social Media Integration

Facebook, Twitter posting for Alert Messaging

Reach the entire social media community by easily posting alerts to social media sites in one-click.

City Notify's secure social media publishing system enhances your ability to communicate with all community members in any situation. Our one-click publishing system takes the complexity out of publishing alert messaging in time-sensitive situations.

  • Reach a broader audience; send email and text then post to facebook/twitter in one-click.
  • Control your message with secure publishing of alerts.
  • Community residents can view selected messaging.

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