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**Introducing City Notify

City Notify expands on the concept of crisis communications by allowing municipal officials to reach their constituents quickly and efficiently during both crisis and non-crisis times. In this fast-paced, technology driven society, itís imperative for cities and towns to have the ability to contact their residents and business owners in the case of an emergency or changes in a regular schedule.

City Notify was developed by K12 Alerts, the premiere emergency notification company working with Public and Private schools throughout the United States. K12 Alerts has the ability to send thousands of emails, Texts-to-Cell, and voice calls to parents during emergencies or weather related delays in minutes, targeted to audiences as the users full discretion.

How City Notify Works

Municipal officials may send important messages to residents via email, voice or Text-to-Cell simply and quickly without technical know-how and social media.

Communication campaigns may be targeted to a street, zip code or geographic region, through our map-based messaging feature. Notifications can also be delivered to a segment of any pre-existing list or the list in its entirety.

Social Media alert messages may be distributed with one-click to Facebook and Twitter.

Additionally, municipal officials can create specific list sub-sets to communicate information regarding everything from important information for senior citizens to service changes.

City/Town Portals for Contact Information

Those who subscribe to the service can choose to receive messages by e-mail, text message, or phone. Each subscriber may choose which devices to receive information as well as join group list-serves, created by the municipal administrator.

The City/Town Portal gives residents a streamlined way of staying informed of everything going on in the community.

Contact us:
888-291-2090 or email us info@citynotify.com
What's New from City Notify
System 10.0.2 getting close to launching
New User Group Meetings
2 Million Messages Sent Per Hour
Expanded and Moved to Larger Offices
New! Social Media Integration
Expanded Strategic Partnerships

Contact Us
888-291-2090 or email us info@citynotify.com

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